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  • We are professionally experienced  &  properly qualified.  All who work with and for Bofin Consultancy are professionally experienced and qualified in business disciplines. This enables us to work positively and productively with SME business owners every day.
  • Bofin Consultancy is an award winning and accredited business. We have an unblemished professional indemnity record.
  • We are an Irish All-Star awarded and accredited business as Thought Leader in Revenue & Profit Business Strategy. 
  • We are passionate about business. We are passionate about our work and about doing business.
  • We help businesses to overcome challenges, create clarity when in doubt, provide direction and guidance as well as support to the businesss owners. 
  • We are solution focused. We will always concentrate on solving a problem for a client or helping them to work around, over or under a challenge in an effective manner that supports their business.
  • Results matter to us. We are dedicated to helping results for the client, project or engagement we support and work with.
  • We champion progress and success.
  • We work to breathe power into the business and marketing effort regardless of the sector you operate in.  We provide an unbiased and objective business viewpoint. 
  • We apply a “Business by Design” mindset. We work to help you to pull prospective clients to your business. 
  • The return on investment (ROI) matters every time with every client.  We address the ROI to every client with every work piece. 
  • Operate professionally and ethically at all times.  We are not an agency, we are a professional, independent consultancy with no bias to any entity/medium. We keep it real at all times.
  • Bofin Consultancy is client centric. We are dedicated to our clients and to professional interaction and delivery of agreed work. 
  • Creative and innovative thinking is alive and kicking, it is part of our culture. We believe in the application of innovation and creative thought when/where of benefit to our clients.
  • Time and money are too valuable to be wasted or compromised. We do not waste either. 
  • Longevity is where it is at for the Bofin Consultancy team. We believe in looking at every work project and every client business with “big window view” for sustainable and long-term benefit.
  • We believe in connecting the right people and the right businesses with each other where there may be benefit to all parties. This is only facilitated upon agreement from all parties.
  • We make the business consultation process an easy and accessible one.  Everything is done in a simple and transparent way. As of 2014 remote access consultancy and systems were introduced to the business to support clients. This saves our clients time, money, supports smart consultation and service delivery. 
  • Technology is our friend. It helps us to help and support clients. We use secure platforms and technology to communicate smartly and securely with clients and project teams to reduce undue stress, travel or time wastage. 

Professional Business

We operate professionally at all times. We work with your agreed requirements and these are

We save you time

We bring with us over 18 years industry and commercial experience.


We are qualified and experienced trainers who have managed and trained sales teams to be productive revenue generators.


by the International Authority of Business Mentors.

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