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Professional Speaking Support


Do you need a professional speaker for an upcoming business event or occasion online or offline? Complete the Expression of Interest for HERE

Deliver professionalism & positive impact to make your event a memorable success, of immediate value to attendees.


What value will we bring to your event?

• 20+ years corporate and business experience and 10+years of professional business mentoring expertise, providing a qualified and award-winning results focused professional who is focused on helping businesses to succeed and get the results they need and want to get to where they need to be.

• Business mentor and advisor to successful business owners in Ireland and internationally.

• I am a recognized professional and a mentor recognised business support entities nationally and internationally.

• Every speaking event that we commit to will have a speaking engagement crafted and delivered specifically & in a bespoke manner.

We engage & inspire.

• As former national and international event organizers we understand the value of a professionally executed business event or networking opportunity.

• We believe in sharing knowledge that is qualified, grounded in real life experience that will add value for your audience.

• We do not believe in being speaking robots or delivering a bog standard speaking engagement so to speak! The speaking support we provide is real, positive, passionate, fun, interactive and inspiring. Speaking Engagements have included:

●Tourism & Hospitality Summit, Dublin.

●Construction Summit, Ireland

●National Food & Drink Conference, Ireland

●The Brexit Breakfast, Bank of Ireland & Credit Unions of Ireland.

●Empowering Enterprise, Sweden.

●Empowering Enterprise, UK.

●Kilkenny Network Ireland.

●Women’s Inspire Network, Ireland.

●The Biz Expo, Ireland.

●The Best You Expo, UK.

●Chambers of Commerce–Ireland & UK.

●Sri Lankan Business Forum

●Elevation Construction Network–Dublin and Wexford.

●Macro Business Enterprises Ireland–Waterford.

●The Tourism Space–Thomond Park, Limerick.

●Facing Challenges–WIN, Donegal

●Relaunch of Newbay House, Wexford

●Variety of online business events nationally and internationally


What our audiences say…….

“It was the only talk which I attended recently where I didn’t want to fall asleep or leave the room. The speaker was so inspiring and has confirmed for me what I want and need to do in my business and what I don’t need to do in my business.” Ciara, SME business owner.

“I love it when speakers are genuinely passionate about the subject matter and who are relevant to us attendees. I loved the inspiration that this speaker provided, and I learned heaps, thank you.” Ellen, SME business dept manager.

“Mags delivered a talk that was filled with energy and passion, she woke us up and made us sit up when she walked on stage….no mean feat after a delegate lunch!” Anthony, Multiple SME business owner.

“To be a good speaker, you first must be a good listener. We have one mouth and two ears for a reason”.

We will engage and work with the event organizer or liaison in advance of the specific event. This helps us to actively listen to what the event requires, the aims and objectives of the event and what the audience will value. It helps us, by listening to develop and deliver a talk and engagement which is of real value, relevant and in line with the event focus and that of the attendees.

Lets’ not be an empty vessel who makes noise, lets’ deliver value and quality to your event and create a positive, successful and memorable event for you, your organization/entity and your attendees.

We look forward to supporting more positive , professional, supportive, informative and innovative business events.

Do you need a professional speaker for an upcoming business event or occasion?

Do you want your event to be successful, to generate interest, to attract attendees, be relevant to the audience, fun, and memorable?

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