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What Do You Get With Bofin Consultancy?

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We operate professionally at all times. We work with your agreed requirements.


We bring with us over 18 years industry and commercial experience.


We are qualified and experienced trainers who have managed and trained sales teams to be productive revenue generators.


by the International Authority of Business Mentors.



We consider this sector one of the key areas that drives the Irish economy and economies worldwide.
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Strategic sales & marketing

Sales and marketing planning projects are undertaken with either an existing sales & marketing function at the client business or alternatively with the business owner/manager.


Provides business owners and managers time to take a step back and address all areas of the business individually that concern them.


Sector tailored training

Sales training programmes are designed based on the client’s requirements.

professional speaking support

Do you want qualified experience and professionalism for you event? What value will we bring to your event?

Qualified tOURISM & Hospitality cONSULTANCY

We consider this sector one of the key areas that drives the Irish economy and economies worldwide.
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Partners discussing new plans

Strategic sales & marketing consultancy

Sales and marketing planning projects are undertaken with either an existing sales & marketing function at the client business or alternatively with the business owner/manager.

Focussed Business

Provides business owners and managers time to take a step back and address all areas of the business individually that concern them
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Sector tailored training

Sales training programmes are designed based on the client’s requirements.

professional speaking support

Do you want qualified experience and professionalism for you event? What value will we bring to your event?
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What Clients Say

Marcella Maher Keogh

Carrig Energy Consultancy

We started working with Mags and the team at Bofin Consultancy on two mentoring programmes for our Energy Consultancy Business. It was happening inline with our re branding and launching of our company to a wider market. We found Mag’s knowledge, expertise and no nonsense approach helped us to focus and prioritise our goals while still remaining customer focused. Her fantastic support has enabled us to widen our customer base, collaborate with new peers an put in place processes that benefit all involved. We cannot recommend highly enough the service and advise provided by Mags and her team.

Eileán Hynes - HR Manager


We started working with Bofin Consultancy in 2021 and already have engaged Mags and her team on a number of occasions, namely in Leadership training – Lead and Manage with Purpose. The results have always been very positive and we look forward to a continued working relationship. Mags is a consulting professional as she knows how to put everyone at ease - her training delivery is excellent and she gets the best out of people! Her custom reports are first-rate and most importantly to us, Mags always indicates the practical applications her work and training has for Sofrimar. Mags is an excellent communicator and good fun too! Her professional yet fun approach makes her work much more valuable to us. I would highly recommend Mags and her team at Bofin Consultancy.

Fitzgerald Menswear Logo

Aoife Fitzgerald, CEO

Fitzgerald Menswear Group

''I can't thank Bofin Consultancy enough! Mags is a professional who combines passion, experience, work ethic and encouragement to implement strategies and achieve goals. Mags has a unique combination of big picture perspective with hands on ability to implement change, vital to the function of our enterprise.''

Carroll Estimating Logo

Patrick Carroll

Carroll Estimating

We have worked with Mags since our establishment in 2019. Firstly, we took part in her Price for Profit Masterclass which really helped us focus on our pricing strategy so that we could get in front of the clients that we wanted to work with. We found the masterclass extremely helpful not only allowing us the time away from our day to day business to focus on our business but also giving us the tools to move forward. The programmes with Bofin Consultancy made us accountable for what we needed to do in the business, we knew where we wanted to go just needed some guidance to get there. We now spend time each week working on our business. Mags, keep doing what you're doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mags and her team at Bofin Consultancy.

Philip F. Gavin, CEO

The Talbot Collection.

"We have used Bofin Consultancy for many years in all different aspects of training. I have always found them to be attentive to our needs and able to tailor the content for the appropriate training for our team. Courses are engaging and inspires greater performance and potential within our team. I have no hesitation in recommending Bofin Consultancy to others."

Susan Neville Skillet Network Manager

Wexford Chamber

"Having collaborated with Bofin Consultancy on a number of projects, we found mags to be extremely professional, and thorough in her work, she is easy to work with and completely customer focused. We look forward to strengthening our working relationship and providing quality training solutions to our clients"

core resource

Anthony Holland, Managing director

Kiltorcan Raceway

We worked with Mags and her staff over the Covid 19 lockdown period. Mags played a massive role in supporting Kiltorcan raceway through a very difficult time for us and so many other SME's, giving Kiltorcan Raceway all the information and marketing knowledge she has built up over a very successful carrier to date. We look forward to working with Mags and her fantastic team going forward into the future,

Courtney Kelly Logo

Sinead Courtney Kelly

Courtney Kelly Consulting

Can’t rate this lady high enough! Her professionalism yet unique personal delivery is instrumental to the overall success of this Masterclass. Her acronyms-KISS/ABCNBC etc are memorable, her genuine commitment to participants is palpable and her knowledge of what is required is top class. Delighted to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Zaiere Logo

Leigh Kelly

Zaeire Artisan Chocolates

“Working with Mags and Bofin Consultancy made me focus on the importance of working “in” and “on” the business aswell as managing my time better, allowing me to contact potential clients, build more business and have a better balance! Win Win!”

Gillian McKenna

Swift Admin

“When I started with Mags from Bofin Consultancy I had one client and was not being very proactive to find more. One of the major things that she helped me with was my packaging. I had no idea what to charge clients but with some time working with Mags on this, we soon had all of my pricing and packaging sorted out. I had no confidence to go out networking but Mags worked with me and helped me build my confidence to make networking second nature, which then brought in more sales. I am now currently at capacity and have a clear plan for 2018, somewhere I never thought that I would be before I worked with Mags.”

Mary O’Hanlon

Tasty Parlour

I found Mags Boland to be very professional in her work. She has excellent communication skills, positive attitude and understood what I required help in to focus and build my business. Also bringing to my attention issues that I had but had forgotten their importance, e.g. branding. Refocusing me in driving my business forward and outlining what I needed to do and simplifying steps I need to take.

Tom Banville

Wexford County Enterprise Board

Mags Boland is a member of our mentor panel. I have known Mags since 2011 when she first set up her Sales & Marketing business, Bofin Consultancy. Mags has conducted a number of mentor assignments for us and all have been completed with great results and with expert knowledge. I would highly recommend Mags if you need help with sales & marketing for business.

Helen Delaney

Provac Ltd

We hired the services of Mags Boland of Bofin Consultancy at a time when our company was in need of a programme of re-branding and rejuvenation, in the year of our 20th Anniversary. Mags’ systematic, no-nonsense approach helped us to re-focus on our goals and prioritise our needs. With her professional support, we were able to put in place the necessary actions required to meet those needs, the benefits of which we are still enjoying today.

Ann O’Connor

Secret Valley Wildlife Park & Zoo

Mags at Bofin Consultancy has been a pleasure to work with over the past few years. She has offered us great guidance and support that has helped strengthen and expand our business and we would highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs and businesses.

Val & Laura Maher

Ballinkeele House

Mags is a pleasure to work with. She has such energy and is passionate about tourism and helping businesses succeed. Through her Optimum Tourism Trading (OTT) Programme, she helped us to examine our business, our strengths & weaknesses, allowing us to clarify to ourselves exactly what we want to offer and how. She was very conscious of our work life balance and making our business work for us and our business has grown since then.

core resource

Geraldine O’Brien

Core Resource

I have availed of Bofin Consultancy's services twice. Firstly, when I set up my new business, 3 years ago. Mags got me priced & packaged but more importantly got me well positioned to drive my business forward with a good concrete foundation for the business to grow and to be secure. I have since recently availed of Bofin Consultancy's services again to assist with my re-branding of my business. My business is now in a position to add more services to SME's in a niche area. Mags has once again worked her magic with developing a Strategy Plan to help move my business through the re-branding process & stages with ease. I am in the process of implementing the strategy plan but with Mags' one on one support has allowed the process to be stress free and has allowed me to implement all the parts of the report with ease.  Mags gets my business and uses her skills and knowledge to allow my business grow to where I want to take it. I love Mags' honesty, straight-talking no-nonsense approach. We just get straight down to the work. I would highly recommend Bofin Consultancy to put a Strategy Plan in place for you if you want your business to grow and succeed. 

Interrailing Packages Logo

Dónal McKenna

Interrailing Packages

I cannot stress enough how beneficial I found working with Mags on the Business Time Live (BTL) Programme. Not only did I really enjoy working with Mags and taking the business apart section by section to have a detailed analysis, but she helped to re-programme the whole working processes of the business and get everything working much more efficiently. Before working with Bofin Consultancy, we had a very basic marketing strategy. We were not carrying out regular reviews of any online strategies we were implementing and therefore we were missing out on opportunities for growth. We lacked a B2B strategy, which was something I wanted to implement to help the business grow. From working with Bofin Consultancy, we are now constantly developing our marketing strategies to meet the needs of the business as it grows and demands change. I felt that having done the programme with Mags I was able to get many different aspects of the business in order and working efficiently. We now have a clearer view and understanding of the benefits of a marketing focused approach and value the importance of a marketing plan and the aspects of implementing the plan effectively. Reviewing and analysing results are now done on a weekly basis to allow us to make any adjustments or changes to improve performance. We are now utilising more appropriate marketing and re-marketing tools than before.

John Murphy

Murphy Concrete Products

Since we started to work with Mags and her team we have excelled in many sectors within our business. Mags has helped our company to grow and be more profitable.

Orla Kelly Publishing Logo

Orla Kelly

Orla Kelly Publishing

"I started working with Mags a few months ago. At the time I had no idea how much money I had coming in, what my expenses were and my business really didn't function as a business at all. Mags was a lifesaver. She cut through all the noise and chatter to help me focus on what was relevant to my business and showed me ways to work more effectively, take back control of my business, and to help me lead proactively so I now feel more confident moving into 2020. Mags has a great understanding of business, productivity, profit and how to turn businesses around. I wish I had worked with Mags sooner. Mags was great for helping me clarify what was important and how to structure my business around my personal life too. This was just as important to me. I highly recommend Mags and the entire Bofin Consultancy team for a job very well done."

Elaine Walsh

Digital Support Solution

“Mags works her magic in a friendly, helpful, and utterly professional way to get to the crux of the problem, offering sound advice and solutions, reflecting the wide range of her expertise. Furthermore, the team at Bofin are an absolute pleasure to work with replicating the high standards set down by Mags. I highly recommend Bofin Consultancy.”

Barbara Monahan

Cube Design

When I first decided to engage with Mags, I had done some work around changing my processes and ways of working, but I knew there was one last door to unlock. When I spoke to Mags first, I felt she really understood where I stood as a businessperson, as a creative, and the challenges I had. In some ways, it felt like I was starting over again, but after just a few sessions with Mags, I felt things had really turned around for me. My process became much clearer, Mags knew exactly where my gaps were, and supported me through everything to get me to a better place. I’m now really happy with how I handle enquiries, my quotes, how I onboard jobs, my pricing, my selling, my marketing, and am far more confident as a result. Mags is really easy to work with, and although we had a clear objective for each session, she always tuned to me as a person in the business, what my exact needs were, and focussed on that. I’m very very grateful to Mags, I knew working with her was going to be good, but in actual fact, it was great.

apb treecare logo

Tony Boland

APB Treecare

“We have worked with Mags and we were delighted with the service provided, her advice is practical and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She has helped us to deliver and update some key aspects of the Business”.


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