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Online & Offline Events


Deliver professionalism & positive impact to your online or offline event. 

Create a memorable success, of immediate value to attendees.

What value will we bring to your event offline/online? 

  • 20+ years corporate and business experience and 10+ years of professional business mentoring expertise, providing a qualified and award-winning results-focused professional who is focused on helping businesses to succeed and get the results they need and want to get to where they need to be.
  • Business mentor and advisor to successful business owners in Ireland and internationally.
  • Every speaking event that we commit to will have a speaking engagement crafted and delivered specifically & in a bespoke manner.


Engage & Inspire

  • We believe in sharing knowledge that is qualified, grounded in real life and professional experience that will add value for your audience.
  • We do not believe in being speaking robots or delivering a bog-standard speaking engagement so to speak! The speaking support we provide is real, positive, passionate, fun, interactive, and inspiring.


Speaking Engagements have included:

  • Tourism & Hospitality Summit, Dublin.
  • Construction Summit, Ireland.
  • National Food & Drink Conference, Ireland.
  • The Brexit Breakfast, Bank of Ireland & Credit Unions of Ireland.
  • Empowering Enterprise, Sweden.
  • Empowering Enterprise, UK.
  • Kilkenny Network Ireland.
  • Women’s Inspire Network, Ireland.
  • The Biz Expo, Ireland.
  • The Best You Expo, UK/Ireland.
  • Chambers of Commerce – Ireland & UK.
  • Sri Lankan Business Forum.
  • Elevation Construction Network – Dublin & Wexford.
  • Macro Business Enterprises Ireland – Waterford.
  • The Tourism Space – Thomond Park, Limerick.
  • Facing Challenges- Win, Donegal.
  • Relaunch of Newbay House, Wexford.
  • Dedicated client company conferences.
  • Variety of online business events nationally and internationally.


What audiences say…..

“It was the only talk which I attended recently where I didn’t want to fall asleep or leave the room. The speaker was so inspiring and has confirmed for me what I want and need to do in my business and what I don’t need to do in my business. ” Ciara, SME business owner

“I love it when speakers are genuinely passionate about the subject matter and who are relevant to us attendees. I loved the inspiration that this speaker provided, and I learned heaps, thank you.” Ellen, SME business dept manager.

“Mags delivered a talk that was filled with energy and passion, she woke us up and made us sit up when she walked on stage … no mean feat after a delegate lunch!” Anthony, Multiple SME business owner.

We look forward to supporting more positive, professional, supportive, informative, and innovative business events offline & online.

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