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New Peace Commissioner (P.C.)

New Peace Commissioner (P.C.) appointed for South East Region

Wexford based businessperson, Mags Boland Murphy of Bofin Consultancy has been appointed as Peace Commissioner (P.C.) for county Wexford and the surrounding counties by the minister for justice. 

Mags will now be available to cover a range of Peace Commissioner duties including signing or witnessing signatures on documents by various authorities.  

Mags is founder and principal consultant at Bofin Consultancy with offices based in Enniscorthy. Bofin Consultancy works with businesses and business owners nationally and internationally to help them overcome challenges, operate efficiently and productively, plan, package and promote so that they sustain and grow their business, progress and succeed. 

A number of years ago, Mags was asked by a number of business clients in the South East if she would step forward for the position. In a serendipity twist, Mags is now continuing the work her own father did as peace commissioner in her hometown of Limerick.  

“This appointment was confirmed over 18 months ago but now that the warrant has been provided, I can actively do the actual work of a peace commissioner. I look forward to supporting local businesses, organisations and individuals when I can who may need my assistance.” Mags said this week. 

To arrange an appointment for duties associated with this role, please email


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